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Minorin’s 3rd album with Lantis.

Song 1: Kakusei Filament
I think this song does a better job of opening up the album than Parade. It’s not as good as Contact, but it’s still better than Toumei Park. Definitely an upbeat song. I don’t like her vocals that much in this song though. She’s trying to scream too much. I think it’s also a bit too low. It’s just boring overall. :/
Score: 5/10

Song 2: Final Moratorium
The highlight of the album. Just listening to it has a less powerful effect than watching the PV, but it’s still a great song, undoubtedly. She doesn’t try to scream and her vocals are way nicer in this track. The composition, I feel, particularly helps reinforce the effect of the song. 😀 The only turn down is that there’s weird Engrish inserted in there. I can deal with that though.
Score: 10/10

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