Truly a masterpiece among the many moeblob anime in recent times. A must watch.

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One of my favorite anime series of all time. This is a continuation of the first season’s action packed Sengoku-era anime, full of bishounen greatness. ^^ ARE YOU READY TO PARTY, GUYS?!

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A few months ago, April 30th to be exact, the new “Append” for Hatsune Miku was released. Along with a new set of voice options, came new art for her. (images taken from notcliche.com)

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It’s been quite a long time since I’ve last done a figure review and I apologize for that. ^^; In commemoration of trying to establish a “quality over quantity” blog, here is my opinion of Nendoroid 10, Nagato Yuki. In case you forgot what the categories I’m judging on, here they are: packaging, sculpting/painting, posing/articulation, base, and enjoyment value.

Let’s get the easy things out of the way first.

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Due to the abundance of free time lately, I’ve decided to watch one of the highly acclaimed series in the anime world, Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha. I have to say, they don’t make anime like they used to anymore. This is one of the greatest things I’ve watched in a long time. On to the review!

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Took a trip to the local Mitsuwa Marketplace/Books Sanseido and picked up some magazines. Animedia September Issue and Hobby Japan October Issue with the awesome-o Brompton bike! That will be covered in a separate post though. The main focus is the DVD that came with the Animedia magazine, which happened to be a BRS OVA DVD!

PV thanks to soundares.
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Old review time! Once again, I apologize for the lack of posts. D:

1. Take off
Serves purely as an introduction to the ⊿ album. Counting down from 8, each number is said 4 times until it stops and leads right into “love the world.”

2. love the world
One of my favorite Perfume songs, it definitely deserves to be on the ⊿ set list. If you don’t trust my opinion, you can just look at the Oricon rankings. It’s the first techno song to debut at the number 1 slot. Upbeat and simple, which is a great combination for Perfume.
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