My first ever Nendo Petites courtesy of Akihabaka! Obtainable only at Circle K/SUNKUS konbini or Tokimeki Mall, this set was released to commemorate the new year of 2009.

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Time for figure review number two. Today, Haruhi is our subject of interest. figma number 34, Haruhi Suzumiya Summer Uniform version was obtained in China actually, from the Shanghai branch of Hobbystock/Hobbysearch.

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It’s the first ever figure review on this blog!!! Figure reviews will be based on these main criteria: packaging, sculpting/painting, posing/articulation, base, and enjoyment value.

Today, I will be reviewing my newly acquired figma Rin Tohsaka. Thank you akihabaka! I won her in the day 2 giveaway.
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Japan Day 7

Day 7 was my last day in Tokyo (1 day for the airport but that doesn’t really count!). I went to visit Asakusa, the Imperial Palace, Ginza, and Tokyo Tower. I also made one last trip to Akihabara to go to Yodobashi Akiba. I think I got tired of snapping photos all the time, that’s why these posts are getting less and less photos. ^_^;

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Japan Day 6

Flickr photos. Bigger and better.

Today resulted in me waking up at 6 am to catch a Shinkansen. Back to Osaka. I visited Osaka Castle, built by Toyotomi Hideyoshi during the Sengoku period. Well, I visited the renovated one since the original was ravaged by World War II. The inside of the castle is a museum. They tell the story of Hideyoshi from his childhood and also display many paintings and the like from the Sengoku period. At the very top, there is also an observation deck.

Osaka Castle

Shin Osaka where the Shinkansen arrive.

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Larger Photos for Your Viewing Pleasure.

I finally reached Tokyo! Today was going to be a dedicated shopping day for me.  First I took the Yamanote Line from Ueno to Hamamatsuchou for the Tokyo Pokemon Center! No pictures inside though. Remember, I am cowardly. DX

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Japan Day 4

Bigger photos here!

Today would be my last day in Kyoto and I was going to spend it in Kyoto, travelling to three world heritage sites.

First up was Kinkaku-ji, the Temple of the Golden Pavilion.

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